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A Guide to Getting Started with Online Ordering

Having a user-friendly website is no longer an option – it's a necessity for restaurants and takeaways looking to thrive. To make the transition as seamless as possible, here's a guide focused on getting started with online ordering:

1. Embrace the Digital Age:

Choose the Right Platform: Start by selecting a reliable online ordering platform. It should be user-friendly for both you and your customers.

Customise Your Menu: Adapt your existing menu to fit the online platform. Ensure it's easy to navigate, and dishes are well-described.

2. Streamline the Ordering Process:

User-Friendly Interface: Create an intuitive ordering process. Customers should find it easy to select items, customise their orders, and choose delivery or pickup.

Clear Pricing: Provide transparent pricing, including delivery fees and any applicable taxes.

3. Invest in Online Payment Options:

Secure Payment Gateway: Choose a trusted payment gateway that allows customers to pay online. Ensure it supports various payment methods.

4. Build a Strong Online Presence:

Online Ordering Website: Develop a dedicated online ordering website if you don't already have one.

Mobile Optimization: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly for customers who prefer to order from their smartphones.

5. Marketing and Promotion:

Promote Your Online Ordering: Let your existing customers know about your new online ordering service through social media, email marketing, and in-house signage.

Loyalty Programs: Consider offering special discounts or loyalty programs for online orders to encourage repeat business.

6. Operations and Logistics:

Order Management: Set up an efficient order management system to handle online orders.

Delivery or Pickup: Determine your delivery area and the logistics for in-house delivery or third-party partnerships. If offering pickup, establish a designated area.

7. Customer Support:

Customer Support System: Set up a customer support system to handle inquiries and resolve any issues promptly.

Feedback Channels: Provide channels for customers to share feedback or report any concerns.

8. Safety and Hygiene:

Contactless Options: Implement contactless delivery and pickup to enhance safety during these times.

Hygiene Protocols: Train your staff sanitisation roper sanitisation and hygiene protocols.

9. Test and Adapt:

Dry Runs: Before the official launch, conduct multiple dry runs to ensure your online ordering system is seamless and efficient.

By following these steps, you can successfully transition your established restaurant or takeaway into the world of online ordering. The process might seem daunting at first, but it's an investment in the future of your business. Get started today and watch your online orders soar, expanding your reach and providing a convenient ordering option for your loyal customers.

Looking for a hassle-free and affordable online ordering journey? We offer:

Online Ordering Websites: Professionally designed websites that can be customised to your brand.

EPOS System: A robust EPOS system to manage orders, payments, and inventory.

Online Ordering App: A user-friendly app to make ordering easy for your customers.

Get started with online ordering today, pay 0% commission and take control of your business.

Crafting Unique Event Menus: A Timely Guide for Special Occasions

When it comes to special events and holidays, creating unique event menus and promotional materials is essential to captivate your customers and enhance their dining experience. In this guide, we'll explore what to include when planning these unique menus and emphasize the importance of starting early.

1. Signature Dishes:

Event-Specific Selection: Curate a set of dishes that resonate with the occasion, offering unique flavours and presentations.

Limited-Time Offerings: Introduce exclusive, event-specific dishes that are only available during the celebration.

2. Beverage Pairings:

Craft special cocktails and, mocktails or pair drinks that harmonise with the event's theme.

3. Menu Design:

Customised Layout: Create a menu layout that reflects the event's theme and communicates the exclusivity of the occasion.

Use creative and enticing language to describe each dish and beverage.

4. Promotional and Marketing Materials:

Early Promotion: Initiate promotional efforts at least 2-3 months before the event, both online and in-house.

Utilise social media platforms to create buzz around the upcoming event and special menu offerings.

Offer pre-ordering options to allow customers to secure their reservations and selections in advance.

5. The Importance of Starting Early:

Commencing your preparations well in advance provides numerous advantages:

Quality Assurance: Beginning early allows for ample time to test and refine the special event dishes, reducing the likelihood of last-minute issues.

Promotion Effectiveness: Early planning ensures thorough promotion, attracting more customers to celebrate the special occasion at your establishment.

Error Mitigation: Early planning allows you to identify and rectify any design or printing errors in your menus or promotional materials long before the event.

6. Enhancing Atmosphere:

Consider enhancing the restaurant's decor to match the occasion with seasonal decorations, lighting, and music.

7. Building Excitement:

Offering unique, event-specific menus builds excitement within the local community and encourages diners to choose your restaurant for a distinctive experience.

Unique offerings generate anticipation, potentially increasing sales as customers eagerly anticipate the event.

When it comes to special events and holidays, early preparation of your unique event menus and promotional materials ensures your restaurant is ready to deliver a memorable and exclusive dining experience that aligns perfectly with the occasion. By offering something different and unique in your area, you build excitement, draw in more customers, and potentially boost sales.

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