February 23, 2018

Which is better – your own ordering app or a online ordering portal?

Which is better – your own ordering app or a online ordering portal?

If you are in the takeaway business, there is no getting away from the fact that giving your customers the ability to order from you online using a takeaway app or website is going to increase the number of sales that you make. Once you have decided that you are going to get in to the game you now must pick a side. Do you join the behemoths that is Just Eat and the like or do you go it alone with your own branded app and website? Well as scary as it may sound, running your own app has many benefits.

No commission – Joining Just Eat and similar sites means paying a commission on every order that you receive, and for many businesses this may not be an option. The commissions are high and and when you the VAT, the payment charges, you could end up making a loss. It may also mean you increasing your prices, which is not popular with customers. If you have your own site you will be paying a fixed fee, so each sale is worth more to you. This will allow you to be more flexible in your pricing, and that will keep your customers happier.

Faster Problem Solving – When something goes wrong, and let’s face it not matter how good your system is, things do go wrong, customers want to have things fixed asap. If you are using just EAT then no one knows who’s at fault and who can fix the situation. With your own app, the customer can contact you directly and you know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. It is after all how a business deals with a problem that can really build customer loyalty.

Building on your brand – The lure of Just Eat and he likes are that they are big, well known branda so, customers who might not have heard of you can find you inside the more well-known app. BUT this is not the case, most of the orders that you get through Just Eat most likely would have come to you anyway. Your customers are just using the system for convenience. In fact, you might even lose some customers because when they originally go looking to order from you they are tempted away by another option on the list they get from Just EAT. With your own app, you are building brand loyalty and making yourself stand out.

More Data – when you are running your own app you have access to all the data about your customers. This has two benefits, first you can market directly to them and second you can analyse the orders you are receiving you can see which deals are working and which aren’t. You have the power to control and use the data that your customers have given you.

Control – if you are using your app, you have the final say in everything. You are restricted by another company’s policies, you can decide that you are willing to take an order that is ‘strictly’ outside or your delivery radius if it suits you to do so. When its your own app you have the power to make the decisions about how your business is going to work.

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